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Use Your Time Wisely- Tips for Sales Leaders

"Time is what we want most, but what we use worst"​ -William Penn

Use Your Time Wisely Linkedin Article

Few professions spend more time or money on time management training courses, consultants, and software in order to stay on top of day. Constant meetings, endless emails and a seemingly infinite number of reports all due yesterday. This is just a day in the life of most of the Sales Leaders I speak with on a daily basis.

However, some of the most productive people I work with always seem to have time for the important stuff. Here are the most effective strategies Top Sales Leaders have shared with me over the years.

1) Prioritize

Do what is most important in the long run, not what is urgent in the short term. Prioritizing means saying no to low priority tasks so you can make room for mission-critical tasks like sales coaching, performance reviews, closing sales...and, of course, recruiting and hiring new sales talent.

2) Guard Your Golden Hours

While an open door policy sounds great in theory, the constant interruptions will suck the productivity out of your day leaving little time left for the important tasks. Instead, schedule office hours (virtual or in person) and your team will actually have your full attention. You will support them better and be more productive overall.

3) Don't Multi-Task

The research is clear on this. No matter how good you think you are at multi-tasking, you will be much more productive if you block your time and work one one task at a time with your full attention.

4) Plan Your Day, But Stay Flexible

Sales is a highly fluid profession and sometimes the best laid plans go out the window. However, if you have a plan to get back to you don't lose focus when life throws you a curve ball (as it always does).

5) Turn Off Your Inbox, Except at Scheduled Times

Most of us live out of our email inbox theses days so the thought of not constantly checking it can leave one to panic. However, email is often the Sales Leader's biggest efficiency killer because it is a constant drip of interruptions.

One trick is to schedule your emails to only deliver every few hours. This can be done with most email providers today, but if not you can always hit the disconnect and set a timer reminding you when it's time to tackle your inbox.

6) Coach & Inspire, Don't Sell

Since most Sales Managers were top performing Sales Professionals, it can be old habit to just close the deal for them. That may sound good in the short run, but in the long run your sales team will not ever develop and you will eventually run out of hours in the day. Your job is to lead, train, and coach your team. Enable them to be their best selves. They will thank you for it later and you will recapture some of that time you've been trying to find.


Learning to manage your time more efficiently will pay handsome dividends in the long run. It may take time and practice to learn new habits, but all worthwhile skills require effort. In the end it is easier to prioritize your tasks and work efficiently, than to try and do everything all at once.

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